I Offer a Wide Range of Inspection and Testing Services.

Your home is a complicated structure that can present problems from many different sources. I provide services to keep you on top of the most  important areas.  Here’s a list of all the services I offer and a brief explanation of why they’re important.  For a free no obligation quote on these services please CONTACT ME

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Seller Pre-Listing InspectionsServices

Pre-listing inspections are overlooked by many sellers.  I have a page just For Sellers  that explains the advantages of having your home inspected prior to listing it. Here are a few other excellent reasons:

    •  It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical, but fair, third-party.
    •  It helps you to price your home realistically.
    •  It permits you to make repairs ahead of time so that:
    1. Defects won’t become negotiating stumbling blocks later.
    2. There is no delay in obtaining the Use and Occupancy permit.
    3. You have the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if qualified.
    4. It may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency.
    5. It may alert you of items of immediate personal concern, such as radon gas or active termite infestation.
    6. It may relieve prospect’s concerns and suspicions.
    7. It reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.
    8. You are alerted to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.

Manufactured Homes

Pool And Spa Inspections


Old Historic Homes

Warranty Homes

If you are purchasing a home with awarranty,  let me inspect your home for any problems before your warranty is up.

Investment Properties

Let me be your eyes and ears for your investment property purchases

Pool And Spa Inspections

ITAtrained-SiteSizedSwimming pools and spas are a high-maintenance luxury.  If they aren’t properly maintained over the years, they will present problems that can be quite expensive to correct.  When a pool or spa exists on a property, it is a very wise decision to have it thoroughly inspected as part of the home inspection. Otherwise, you may find you have an expensive problem to correct after you’ve purchased the property.

I’m a trained and certified pool and spa inspector. I’ve passed the exam for the pool and spa inspection training curriculum at the Kaplan Inspection Training Associates, Home Inspectors School. My pool and spa inspections include the following:

  • Inspection of the pool/spa placement and protection fencing
  • Inspection of the pool/spa shell (vessel) and coping
  • Inspection of the equipment, including gas and electrical connections
  • Function Test of the equipment

I work with reliable companies which can provide the following services:

Public And Well Water Testing and Purification Systems

Water quality is important to the health of you and your family.  Many families have opted to have filtering systems installed in their homes in the last decade.  These systems work well but like all mechanical systems, they have to be properly maintained.  A water quality test will determine the safety of your water whether it is filtered or not.  If the property’s water supply is from a well, it is imperative that you have a water quality test prior to purchasing.  The expense of drilling a new well can easily run into thousands of dollars.  So don’t take the need for this test lightly.  Read more about water quality here.

Mold Inspections and Sampling

Anywhere there is moisture, even inside a wall, there is potential mold growth.  Mold is known to cause problems for those with asthma and other respiratory ailments.  I can identify all areas that have existing mold growth and also point out areas that need to be monitored regularly.  Mold is not always readily visible, yet can still cause the associated health problems by infiltrating the air handling system in the home.  If you’re considering purchasing a home, and notice any stale or musty odors in the house while touring it, it is highly recommended that you have a mold inspection before purchasing.  There is much to know about mold.  Read more about how it can affect your health and well being here.

Well Water Flow Testing

Wells can present problems sometimes and most often it becomes noticable in the output capacity of the well.  I can perform a structured test to determine the true output of the well under stress.  This is valuable to know because it can give an indication of how the well will perform if the home is to be occupied by several people.  Drilling a new well is very expensive.  If the property you’re considering uses a well for its water supply, you need to have this test performed.
Wind Mitigation
If you require a wind mitigation report, I work with a wind mitigation specialist who will be able to provide this for you.

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